Train your puppy to be the Dream Dog you've always wanted!

Our online training will help you quickly fix, or avoid before they ever begin, the most common yet super frustrating bad habits puppies have like:

Accidents in the house

Jumping on you or guests

Chewing your favorite pair of shoes (or furniture…oh the list could go on and on)

Barking excessively at things passing by outside

Digging large craters in the backyard

Pulling you down the street while on leash

Instead, you’ll have a well behaved Dream Dog that:

Only goes potty outside

Greets your guests politely (while sitting)

Leaves your belongings alone and only chews on their own toys

Knows how to be quiet on cue

Leaves your yard free of ankle twisting holes

Walks like a dream dog right next to you

Need help potty training your puppy fast?

Grab this value-packed lesson and potty train your puppy in no time!

How to Train a Dream Dog™ focuses on teaching you how to:

Better communicate with your puppy through verbal, visual and leash signals as well as body posture (that’s right your body posture can speak volumes to your dog, I’ll show you how)

Develop good training habits and skills

Provide the right amount and style of exercise to your puppy (Not exactly Woof Aerobics but close)

Excel at providing the right nutrition (Poor quality food can be like humans eating fast food, such as cheeseburgers in the morning, noon and night, eekkss!)

Avoid unsafe situations, toys, and places

The BEST part is we’ll cover the same lessons taught in group classes and in private lessons all while saving you money and time, while you train from the comfort of your own home!

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Everything from puppy training through adult dog care. You’ll find all sorts of articles, goodies, and freebies that focus on helping you care for and train your furry companion. Don’t forget to post your questions on the blog posts so that you can get personalized answers from a certified dog trainer!

Training your dream puppy is simple, affordable and effective when you learn through Dream Dog University. These online lessons will teach you all about caring for and training the dog of your dreams. This is the exact same content I’ve used to teach hundreds of my group classes and private lessons for close to 20 years.

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