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Everything You Should Know When You 1st Get a Puppy Including Training Tips and a Potty Training Lesson!

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This is the starting point for all new puppy owners who want to learn the best training tips!

This kit includes video lessons, worksheets, charts, checklists, and tips on what you should be teaching your puppy this very minute.

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New Puppy Guidance

new puppy training tips

So you have a new puppy, now what? The first thing you should do is start thinking like a dog trainer not just a pet owner. These tips will set you on the fast track for puppy training. 

Puppy Training

puppy training

Want to make sure your puppy follows commands the first time you ask or comes running to you on command instead of being a "side track sally?" These tips will help teach you how to get your puppy to follow commands like sit, down, stay, and more...

Stop Unwanted Behaviors

stop a puppy from chewing, biting,

Want to stop your unwanted behaviors like biting, chewing, jumping, pulling on the leash... oh the list could go on and on! Check out these tips to stop the most common frustrating puppy behaviors.

Online Puppy Training

If you're committed to raising and training the best puppy on the block then this online puppy training course is for you! 

Get access to 40+ video lessons taught by a certified professional trainer, and learn step by stop how to teach your puppy new commands, behaviors and tricks. 

Online learning is better than going to a hectic big box store for classes, and much less expensive than hiring an expensive private trainer! 

Inside this program you'll learn the "game training" techniques to get your puppy to follow any command the first time you ask, and how to stop or fix unwanted behaviors like biting, chewing, barking, pulling on the leash, jumping...and so much more! 

Click the "Learn More" button to see if 30 Days to Puppy Perfection is the right fit for you and your puppy!

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