I’m Michele Lennon, creator of Dream Dog University, and I have the answers you’re looking for.

I have the answers to the common and the not-so-common questions that dog owners have. The answers to questions you’re unsure of, frustrated by and downright confused about when it comes to dog training and how you can raise the best dog on the block!

You’re in the right place if you want to fast track your dog’s training while saving a LOT of money. By the time you’re done you will have trained your dog to be a Dream Dog and a great family companion!

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What Will You Learn?

  • Professional tips and tricks for getting your dog to listen
  • To respond to cues and
  • To have impeccable manners

Why Should You Listen To Me?

Hey, I get it, you’re wondering who I am and what I can do to help you with your puppy or adult dog, right?

I’m a certified dog trainer who has close to twenty years, um, under my collar. I have been a trainer for hundreds of group classes and private families for looking for guidance on training their Dream Dog.

I have helped pet parents who were brand-new, novice owners to dog handlers with decades of experience owning multiple dogs who just needed fine tuning with their training

Why Do You Need Help?

Let’s face it, everyone needs a little fine-tuning when it comes to training their dog. When my students come to me they are frustrated with their dog’s behavior and are sometimes at wit’s end with being unable to train their dog to even do simple, what should be enjoyable things, like going for a walk.

When pet parents leave my classes they are excited, happy, relieved and eager to show off their well-mannered canine companion.

What Does Having A “Dream Dog” Mean To You?

If I had to put a paw on it, I’ll bet you dream of having a dog who hangs on every word you say, one who follows your cues with ease rather than tuning you out or jumping all over you and your guests.

I’ll bet you want a dog who walks nicely on a leash, doesn’t drag you down the street, doesn’t lunge at passersby and who doesn’t bark at everyone he or she encounters.

You would probably love to have a dog who comes to you when you call them. I’ll bet you don’t want to play “chase” with your dog – you know, that “game” when he or she gets loose and you run down the street trying to get him to come back to you. This is a game that is scary for you and potentially dangerous for your dog. Teaching your dog to “come” when called is a crucial training step we will cover.

Do you dread having guests come over because your dog will jump all over them? Do you know that when you walk through the door after a long day at work that your dog is going to jump all over you? When you finish with our classes you will have a well-mannered, polite, furry companion. You will be happy and proud to open your doors to guests just to show him off!

What you want is a Dream Dog!

A Dream Dog listens to you. A Dream Dog responds to your commands. A Dream Dog is well-cared for and social.

Your very own Dream Dog will have all the right skills he or she needs and you will have the guidance you need after you’ve learned the tips and tricks we offer in our online Dream Dog University.

What Can You Do Today To Get Your Own Dream Dog?

Well, you could spend hours searching the Internet for a dog trainer who is offering classes in your home town. You could take a chance on other online courses OR you could buy a book, read it and try to teach your dog what you’re learning. That sounds exhausting… and expensive!

What’s A Dream Dog Wanna-Be Pet Parent To Do?

Get instant access to the online Dream Dog University where you will learn from a certified, professional dog trainer who has close to twenty years’ experience – that’s me!

When you learn through the Dream Dog Academy you will avoid potentially over-crowded, potentially highly-stressful group classes at the big box stores. You will discover that training a Dream Dog is possible, can be a lot of fun and will be a great bonding experience for you and your dog. When you learn through the Dream Dog University you will achieve greater results in fewer hours than you would taking a group class or even working with a private trainer.

Dream Dog University:

 Allows you to train from home and not in noisy, stressful group class at big box stores

 Teaches you everything from potty training to learning how to get your dog to come running when called (and all kinds of good Dream Dog behavior, in between)

 Covers common training cues like sit, down and stay and more important topics like exercise and nutrition for your furry friend

 Helps you get the results you’re hoping for more quickly than going to weekly group classes or one-on-one sessions with a private trainer.

 Lets you learn in the comfort of you own home, but more importantly lets you work with your dog when you are both at your peak times for learning, not at a pre-set group class time

 Educates you on the #1 skill, you must have and do effectively, in order to train your dog to become a great partner. (Communication)

 Provides in-depth videos, presentations, worksheets, charts and checklists to keep you on track and train your canine companion to be a Dream Dog

 Shares all the insight you’ll need to raise, train and guide a social, well-behaved, responsive dog you can call your Dream Dog!

Everything you will need to know about training a Dream Dog is in these courses!

Lessons are chock-full of information that is delivered in short, sweet blocks so your dog can achieve results more quickly!

I’ve Been In Your (Probably Chewed!) Shoes!

As a dog owner myself, I have been in your shoes as both a new dog owner and a frustrated dog owner!

Many years ago I had the naughtiest, but most lovable chocolate Lab named Bear. He was a handful, a challenge and made me want to rip my hair out. He ate curtains, couches and the carpet right out of the middle of my room. He refused to eat the edges where I might have been able to hide the damage when company came over! He jumped on people, barked for attention and stole food off the counter.

He was a hot mess, a wild child, a dog I wanted (daily) to send back to the breeder daily, but I didn’t give up on him. I couldn’t. I loved him!

What did I do?

I learned how to train him, guide him and show him how to stop being naughty and start being a good dog. I fell in love with training him.

We had so much fun learning together that it didn’t seem like work – for either one of us. We began understanding one another and learned to communicate better with one another. Little did I know that I’d inadvertently stumbled upon my career while training Bear to be my Dream Dog.

It took some time for me to understand that the secret to successful dog training wasn’t trying to find the “right” tool or picking the “smartest” or “best” breed, or even how much love you have in your heart for your dog.

The key To Having A Dream Dog Is… Communication!

You have to know how to “speak dog.”

When you learn the secret language you’ll be able to ask your dog for anything, anytime anywhere and guess what? They will listen and immediately respond.

Inside the Dream Dog University…

you’ll learn how the dog’s brain works (so you can get them to do anything you want without having a battle of wits), you’ll learn how to teach manners like sitting politely to say hello to others. You’ll also learn how to teach them to think before they act (we call this impulse control).

Most importantly you’ll learn how to have good communication skills with your dog.

Dream Dog University covers basic obedience skills plus provides tips and tricks to getting your dog to stop being naughty and start being a good dog, dare I say…a Dream Dog!

No one wants their dog to chew up their house, dig holes in their yard or bark excessively at people.

Everyone dreams of living with a super-polite, well mannered, happy, healthy dog who has great listening skills.

Howtotrainadreamdog.com and Dream Dog University are the answers you’ve been looking for!

Check out our programs and get started training the dog of your dreams today!