How To Get Your Dog To Come When Called, Every Time!

Isn’t it frustrating when you repeatedly call your dog to come and they seem to tune you out? Have you found yourself in a scary situation where your dog gets loose and you end up chasing them around, looking like a crazy person, while your dog is having the time of...

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10 Ways to Work on Your Pups Socialization Skills

So•cial•i•za•tion: Noun: Having fun with your dog exploring the world in a positive way! Take your dog to see, hear and smell new people and places. Let them explore by climbing in, on and around different things like fallen trees and playground equipment. Take you...

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Your Dog Is Not A Human

Do you treat your dog like a little human? I’m pretty sure you’ve figured out that the barking furry friend running around your house with four legs and a tail is indeed a dog and not a human. Many people know this, yet they still treat their dog like a human. People...

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“Nothing In Life Is Free” Dog Training

Sometimes your dog’s attitude gets a little out of line. They become pushy, bossy and controlling. Teach your dog manners and respect starting from day one.  You will need to follow a policy called “Nothing In Life Is Free.” The policy means your dog should learn to...

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Stop Your Dog From Biting

  Does it sometimes seem like your dog has razor-sharp shark teeth? From a very early age dogs explore the world with their mouth. Like, babies, dogs put just about everything and anything in their mouth including your hands, the back of your pants and even your feet....

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Stop Your Dog’s Annoying Barking (Part 2)

How many times have you told your dog to “be quiet” only to find they keep barking even more? If your dog doesn’t stop barking when you ask them to, it’s fair to say they don’t understand the cue 100% and they accidentally learned the cue “be quiet” means keep...

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Hello from Michele
Michele Lennon is a certified trainer with close to twenty years of training experience. She's a passionate teacher who loves to help students raise the dog of their dreams. She has started and grown 4 successful pet services businesses over the last 20 years. She's owned an operated training and boarding facilities, a grooming salon and a exercise gym specially designed for dogs. She is an education junkie and loves to learn everything she can and then share that with her students. Michele loves to teach group classes, webinars, and online courses to dog owners looking for tips and tricks to training their dream dog(s). When she’s not teaching she can be found outdoors hiking, gardening or spending time with family. Read more here...

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