If you want to have a Dream Dog, you’ve come to the right place! Do you want to learn how to train the dog of your dreams? A dog who is a great listener? A dog who won’t want to chew your shoes, floor or couch? A Dog who is a Dream Dog?

The online courses in our Dream Dog University are simple, fun and effective!

(We don’t feed you any boring bologna here!)

One of the best parts of Dream Dog University is the skills you’ll learn that will last, “fur-ever!”

Whether you’re training your first dog or if this is your tenth dog, Dream Dog University is for you if you want access to the top training tips that I have used in my group and individual lessons for close to twenty years.

I will show you how to curtail naughty dog behaviors.

In Dream Dog University you will find courses that are chockful of essential training tips and tricks that will have you teaching your dog to be a Dream Dog.

The lessons in Dream Dog University include:

 Teaching your dog to walk nicely on a leash

 How to go potty outside

 How to teach your dog to greet you and your guests in a polite manner – no more jumping

 Learning to come when called

 How to sit and stay

 How to not bark at people passing by

 You’ll learn to communicate with your dog (that’s the NUMBER ONE way to train a Dream Dog!)

In Dream Dog University you will learn how your dog’s brain works and why many dogs get labeled as stubborn or untrainable.

The courses aren’t rocket science, but once you learn how to train your Dream Dog, you will be as cool as those scientists who build rockets!

In Dream Dog University you will learn how to better communicate with your dog through verbal cues, visual hand signals and how your body posture plays a big role in communicating with your dog.

Did you know you can “speak” volumes to your dog without saying one single word? I’ll show you how!

In addition to learning basic cues like “sit,” “down,” “stay” and “come” you’ll also learn all about these ultra-important topics:

 How to bring a new dog home. Introducing him to the house and to other pets in the house

 Stages of growth (know what needs to be done during these specific time frames)

 Setting up the home for doggy success

 What supplies you should have for your dog

 How to, and why to, crate train

 How to effectively potty train

 The best types of exercise

 How to correct naughty behaviors like jumping, chewing, digging, barking, indoor accidents and others

 The importance of socialization and how to set up play dates

Dream Dog University Is For You If…

  • You want to curb “naughty” behaviors
  • You want your dog to have impeccable manners
  • You want your dog to respond to your cues (verbal and nonverbal)
  • You want to have your own Dream Dog!

You can sign up for Dream Dog University at any time of the day or night and begin the training lessons from the comfort of your own home, when you and your dog are ready!

Check out what my students are saying about the lessons:

We were so overwhelmed in the beginning (before the lessons) and your calm demeanor and reassurance gave us the confidence we needed to believe we might be able to survive the puppy stage

– Sarah M.

Michele, your training has helped Rooney and I beyond words, we are both now confident and trust each other and that is priceless to me.

– Nicole C.

Who Is The Dog Trainer Behind Dream Dog University?

I’m a certified trainer with close to twenty years’ experience teaching group classes, private in-home lessons and running multiple pet service businesses.

I have a passion for education and teaching others how to be the best dog owner possible by showing you how to have your own Dream Dog. I have made a career out of doing what I loves and I want to share all that I’ve learned over the years, through certification courses and continuing education classes, with her students.

When I’m not teaching, I can be found in my gardens or working on my photography skills.

What’s Inside Dream Dog Universtiy?

You’ll find short and sweet, but ultra-informative lessons that are easy to follow.

Lessons are designed to be done at your own pace. Do them anytime, anywhere, even in your pajamas!

So: Get ready. Get set. “Go Dog, Go” to Dream Dog University!

(You book nerds will recognize that as a book Dr. Seuss edited) I’m “Paw-sitive” you’ll learn tons of useful skills.