Stop Unwanted Behaviors

Stop unwanted and frustrating puppy behaviors like biting, chewing, jumping, pulling on the leash, accidents in the house...and so much more! Once you discover how your puppy thinks and why they do they things they do, you'll be able to quickly fix all those frustrating behaviors once and for all!


For new puppy owners to start training their puppy before unwanted behaviors set in and to fix the ones that have already begun


Develop the right habits and stay consistent to see the best puppy training results


Using the tips, techniques, tools and advice in the blog posts, you can achieve better puppy behaviors faster

Below are the most important articles I've published, to help you find the right tools to help solve your puppy's unwanted behaviors.

Puppy Training

Online Puppy Training


The key to dog training is knowing what commands to teach, and in which order to teach them so your dog doesn’t get confused or overwhelmed, as well as how to teach those commands to your puppy in a progressive way.

Bad Behavior

how to stop puppy biting


Puppy biting, chewing, barking, jumping digging...the list goes on and on! Grab the tips to stop unwanted behaviors today!


how to stop barking


Puppy barking can become irritating! Stop puppy barking today with these simple tips. 

Biting & Chewing

stop biting and chewing


Puppy biting can get annoying. Sharp puppy teeth can hurt when they bite. Grab the tips to stop your puppy from biting you or your furniture. 

Potty Issues

puppy potty training


Does your puppy pee when they get excited? Maybe your puppy is eating poop? These tips will help you fix these unwanted behaviors fast. 


puppy jumping


Is your puppy jumping on you? You will learn 6 tips to stop your puppy from jumping on you and your guest.

Pulling on the leash

pulling on the leash


Is your dog taking you for a walk? I will explain how to stop your puppy from pulling on the leash.

Free Puppy Training Crash Course

The most crucial time to train a puppy is right now! The longer you wait to train your puppy, the more bad habits become permanent.

Watch this 3 part series to find out how to quickly train your puppy to avoid or stop the most common unwanted behaviors like accidents, jumping, biting, and so much more. 

Learn the best way to get your puppy to follow commands the first time you ask!

Make sure to watch all 3 videos and take good notes.  You'll be able to start implementing your new knowledge today!

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professional dog trainer

Meet the Trainer

After spending 20 years helping families with their dogs face to face as a professional dog trainer, Michele realized that so much of what she knows could be shared with families everywhere - in a way that actually works.

People sometimes think their dog is just SUPER difficult because the advice they’ve gotten was incomplete, confusing or just wrong. So she set out to help.

Michele loves training dogs because of the impact that it has on the families she gets to help.  The peace and joy they get from being able to enjoy their dog LISTENING.

Besides teaching classes, helping private clients and running seminars, Michele is also a foodie and fantasizes about being a food critic or secret shopper for restaurants.  Talk to her about food and your instant best friends.

Didn’t you hear her mention brownies at least once in her videos?