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Puppy training can be a ton of fun and super important. All puppy owners need to know the importance of training their puppies.  Once you start thinking like a dog trainer you're going to become an even better dog owner. These puppy training blogs and resources are for new puppy owners who want to learn about the dos and don'ts when they first bring a puppy home, and what they should and shouldn't be doing now that they have a new puppy in the house. Learn tips to start training, be the best puppy owner, and how to keep your puppy safe. 


For new puppy owners to start training their puppy before unwanted behaviors set in


Develop the right training habits and stay consistent to see the best results


Using the resources mentioned in these blogs you'll be sure to have the best puppy on the block

Below are the most important articles I've published, to help you find the right techniques and tools to help you start your
puppy training journey!


Puppy ownership can be fun yet you need to be aware of the importance of training your puppy.  You need to start working on training today!

Many bad behaviors are due to lack of structure, consistency, and exercise.  You can prevent these unwanted behaviors by working on what you want your puppy to do and not let them develop the unwanted behaviors like the jumping, biting, and potty accidents in the house. Think about your puppy as an adult, if you don't want an unruly adult puppy follow the tips outlined in these articles while you train your puppy. 


Online Puppy Training

Online Puppy Training

Whatever you do, don’t wait to start training your puppy! Your puppy is like a little sponge and most impressionable under 6 months. Did you know that even Guiding Eyes For the Blind start their puppies’ training before they leave their littermates and mom, before 9 weeks? I hear so many sad stories of new puppy

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New Dog Owner: Start Off On the Right Paw

  Very often by the time, a new dog owner calls me for help they've already created some really bad habits with their dog(s). Most of these habits could have been easily avoided if they followed some of my simple ‘new dog success' tips.   Most bad habits could have be easily avoided if you

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3 Skills You Should Teach Your Puppy First

So you’ve brought home a brand new puppy, now what?! Well first, throw a little party for yourself! You have just embarked on an incredible adventure with your new fur-friend. What you do next will determine how smoothly your puppy folds into your family’s lifestyle. Whether this is your first puppy ever or you are

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10 Mistakes Puppy Owners Make and How to Prevent Them (Part 1)

Congrats on your new puppy! I bet you are super excited to have a companion that will love you unconditionally and be there for you no matter what. As your puppy grows and matures you are going to want to teach your puppy to have good manners, good listening skills and be respectful. These are

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10 Mistakes Puppy Owners Make and How to Prevent Them (Part 2)

Now that you have your new puppy you'll want to make sure you're teaching the right skills first and you set up good training habits and routines. The more consistent you are the faster your puppy will learn! It's easy to make mistakes after you bring your new puppy home, after all, your excitement and

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10 Tips to Be the Best Puppy Owner

Who doesn’t love a cute cuddly puppy?   They sure can bring joy to our lives! It’s great coming home to a wagging tail, a sloppy kiss, and unconditional love, am I right? Your pup loves you no matter what you smell like, what you do or if you decide to stay in your pj’s

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10 Tips to Keep Your Puppy Safe

You absolutely adore your puppy, even if they drive you batty every once in a while when they have an accident or chew on something they shouldn’t. Hey nobody’s perfect. You want only the very best for your canine companion, and this means you’ll want to keep them as safe as possible, am I right?

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Meet the Trainer

After spending 20 years helping families with their dogs face to face as a professional dog trainer, Michele realized that so much of what she knows could be shared with families everywhere - in a way that actually works.

People sometimes think their dog is just SUPER difficult because the advice they’ve gotten was incomplete, confusing or just wrong. So she set out to help.

Michele loves training dogs because of the impact that it has on the families she gets to help.  The peace and joy they get from being able to enjoy their dog LISTENING.

Besides teaching classes, helping private clients and running seminars, Michele is also a foodie and fantasizes about being a food critic or secret shopper for restaurants.  Talk to her about food and your instant best friends.

Didn’t you hear her mention brownies at least once in her videos?

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