Puppy Training

Train your puppy to listen, follow commands the first time you ask, stop unwanted behaviors like biting chewing, jumping, pulling on the leash, having accidents in the house... Training a puppy can be fun and super useful if you want your puppy to stay safe and out of trouble!


For new puppy owners to start training their puppy before unwanted behaviors set in


We live in an age of procrastination and distractions.  Learn how to hold your puppy's attention and focus while training them to follow commands the first time you ask


Using the tips, tools and techniques mentioned in these articles, you'll be able to get your puppy on the fast track to excellent behavior in no time

Below are the my top posts to help you train your puppy quickly! 

Puppy Training

Online Puppy Training


The key to dog training is knowing what commands to teach, and in which order to teach them so your dog doesn’t get confused or overwhelmed, as well as how to teach those commands to your puppy in a progressive way.

Potty Training


Puppy potty training doesn't have to leave you ready to rip your hair out! You can potty train your puppy fast and teach them how to signal to you when they need to go outside! 

Crate Training


Crate training a puppy or dog can keep them safe when you're away or at work. You'll learn the best way to train your puppy to love their crate. 



 Learn the best way to train a puppy using commands, hand signals, and body posture. The key to puppy training is good communication and not treating your puppy like a little human. 



Training a puppy to be friendly around other dogs and other people is very important. You can work on teaching your puppy to be friendly by working on your puppy's socialization skills. 

Exercise for Puppies


Puppy exercise is crucial to their growth and development. Grab the top tips to exercise a puppy even when you can't get outside! There are puppy games and enrichment activities you can do with your puppy that help drain your puppy's pent up energy.  



Come when called... that's what we want when we call our puppy back to us. Follow these simple tips to get your puppy to run to you and avoid distractions!

professional dog trainer

Meet the Trainer

After spending 20 years helping families with their dogs face to face as a professional dog trainer, Michele realized that so much of what she knows could be shared with families everywhere - in a way that actually works.

People sometimes think their dog is just SUPER difficult because the advice they’ve gotten was incomplete, confusing or just wrong. So she set out to help.

Michele loves training dogs because of the impact that it has on the families she gets to help.  The peace and joy they get from being able to enjoy their dog LISTENING.

Besides teaching classes, helping private clients and running seminars, Michele is also a foodie and fantasizes about being a food critic or secret shopper for restaurants.  Talk to her about food and your instant best friends.

Didn’t you hear her mention brownies at least once in her videos?

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