Congrats! We are so excited that you have decided to add a new puppy to your family. Being committed to your puppy's training from day 1 will help you avoid unwanted behaviors that almost all puppy owners think won't happen to them, but usually does. 

We know you’re committed to training your new puppy and want to help you avoid encouraging bad habits! You know why...because 90% of all puppy owners will experience unwanted behaviors within the first 6 months of age!

When you’ve completed these next three videos, you will be on the path to having a well mannered and respectful puppy that you can continue to train and strengthen the bond with.  

Here’s what you’re going to take-away from the next three lessons… PLUS...you are also receiving the BONUS Potty Training Lesson!  

Video 1 - Start Off On The Right Paw

In this video lesson you're going to learn the very first skills you can teach your puppy starting on day 1, when they come home.  If you want to avoid the onset of bad habits for both pup and human this video is essential!

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Video 2 - Mistakes New Puppy Owners Make, and How to Prevent Them 

In this video lesson you're going to learn how to avoid the most common new puppy mistakes and how to avoid accidentally rewarding your puppy for unwanted behaviors. You're going to be surprised by these! 

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Video 3 - Nothing In Life Is Free

In this video lesson you're going to learn how to start teaching your pup manners so they don't start to become a pushy, bossy puppy!

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BONUS CONTENT - Potty Training Lessons

Want to potty train your puppy fast and avoid another accident in the house? Check out this BONUS lesson and teach your puppy quickly to go outside, and how to signal to you when they need to go! Grab the Puppy Schedule, Potty Chart and the Potty Bells lesson here!

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